Stress and load tests with Bombard

What if you want to run fast and simple load and/or stress test for your application.

And do not want to mess with jmeter and other heave machinery?

Here comes Bombard - extremely simple tool for specifying HTTP-requests and scenarios and running them in parallel.


pip install bombard

You write simple bombard.yaml like that

    url: ""

Run it with


and after that you will see load test report in your terminal:

It bombards your application from parallel threads. By default 10, but you can change that with --parallel command line option (see full options list with --help).

You can specify initialization steps in prepare section as shown in the example below.

And even use Python code - see script section in the example. The Python code calls ammo.getPost - requests described in section ammo.

supply:  # you can redefine it from command line (--supply host=http://localhost/)
prepare:  # Get ids from posts
    url: "{host}posts"  # use {host} from global supply
    script: |
      for post in resp[:3]:  # add getPost requests for 1st three posts in the list
        reload(ammo.getPost, id=post['id'])
    url: "{host}posts/{id}"  # use {id} from the Python script above
    headers: json

You do not need to remember all this sections and names.

To list all examples run

bombard --examples

Each example you can run directly

bombard --example easy

Or you can bootstrap local playbook bombard.yaml from any example

bombard --init --example easy

After editing the playbook run it with


See full documentation.