2019.08.15 Free Gantt chart template (like MS Project) for Google sheets or Excel
2019.07.05 How to parse only small part of XML from NCBI (PubMed) Entrez API
2019.06.11 BASH tricks: how to wait with timeout for string from process
2019.05.09 Including doc tests into unit tests session
2019.03.20 Py.test automatic Selenium screenshot
2019.03.19 End to end tests with Selenium Grid and Python
2019.03.01 Google sheet based on book Serious Training for Endurance Athletes, Rob Sleamaker
2019.02.28 Serious Training for Endurance Athletes, Rob Sleamaker
2019.02.27 How to lose weight fast and other recommendations of World Health Organization
2019.02.22 How to use asyncio with multiprocessing in Python
2018.12.22 Automatically add version to sources (not only Python) - GIT hooks
2018.11.16 Python decorators - how to keep function signature (set of arguments) unchanged
2018.10.25 Test Python with Hypothesis
2018.10.23 Non-sequential Python
2018.09.20 Python Multiple inheritance and super() function for dummies
2018.05.05 Heart rate sensors comparison Garmin vs Scosche vs CooSpo
2018.03.01 SQLplus with a human face
2018.02.21 Spring boot MVC interceptor
2018.02.11 Spring boot MVC emulate server error
2017.12.13 Disqus comments alternative: github issues (Staticman)
2017.10.30 Electronic load to test and revive rechargable batteries
2017.10.15 iTunes (iPhone) Audiobook from mp3
2017.04.30 Internet radio: How to connect I2S DAC to Raspberry Pi
2016.11.07 Moscow subway NFC cards and MIFARE readers from ACS (ACR1281 и ACR122)
2016.11.07 Athena: Beautiful PDF
2016.10.20 IoT (Internet of things) events calendar on Kindle
2016.10.14 Amazon Dash Button hack: Installation on Synology with Docker
2016.10.14 Amazon Dash Button hack: Your DIY smart wifi button
2016.07.15 OpenAPI(swagger): Exportable documentation
2004.01.11 TRegExpr history
2003.05.27 Saint-Petersburg 300-year anniversary
2000.06.01 Regular expressions: Text processing from bird's eye view
1999.12.31 TRegExpr site have been lunched
1999.12.31 About me