End to end tests with Selenium Grid and Python

I am going to show you how you can have rich test environment in no time and without any efforts.

We will use Selenuim WebDriver in Selenium Grid run locally in docker-compose configuration.

And write tests in Python.

As test reporter we will use Allure.

And all of this can be spin up just in one command.

You need:

Download template

git pull https://github.com/andgineer/e2e-tests.git

Go to folder e2e-tests and run:

docker-compose up -d

Now we have reporting service on http://localhost:4040. It automatically builds reports for data inside folder allure-results.

Also now we have Selenium Grid up and running. It serves Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers so we can use them in tests.

We use docker to run Selenium Grid effortlessly.

That’s all! Run tests with

. ./activate.sh

And see report http://localhost:4040.