How to lose weight fast and other recommendations of World Health Organization

Seven hours a week training is for jym rats and cardio maniacs only

As World Health Organization recommends, if you are under 65 years old, you need 3-5 hours of cardio sessions a week.

And a couple of strength trainings.

This is jst for well-being and health, not for rofessional sportsmen.

Strength trainings

The worst thing you can do for your health is to go to the gym twice a week for two hours.

Two hours for strength training is unrealistic and hard even for a professional athlete. If you engage, but do not gab with the coach.

Strength training should be no more than an hour, better than academic (45 minutes). Even if you are a monster and can train longer, all that will work for more than an hour on muscle burning.

In the gym, there are usually two tribes, little-enders and big-enders. Some for free weights, others for exercise machines.

For health, it is better not to use any one or the other.

With free weights you have to be very careful. They are effective for young bulls who need to quickly increase meat. Is that your goal? Ok, everyone has their own priorities, but what about health? Yes, yes, it’s great to have biceps bigger than your head, but if you are over 20 years old, you may have other priorities in life.

The risk of injury in illiterate exercise with free weights simply does not justify the benefit for an amateur. And to perform correctly, you need to deal with a good coach. Only from the side you can see the flaws of technology. And only a good coach will want to really look for the technique. Most just give you a small weight, with which the injury is unlikely, but the sense of which is small. And they will only monitor your mood, so that you will like it and you will come again.

Exercise machines - useless loss of time. They do not give the desired load and they unnaturally isolate muscle groups. There are good exercises that use simulators, but these exercises will never show you in the introductory training session and they are not drawn on the exercise machine.

Circuit training (or tabata, or other fashionable names) with the weight of your body and equipment like TRX are useful. Yes, excuse me, there will be no insane speed of broiler meat growth, but what you increase will be functional.

One leg squats, even without weighting, give the same load on your legs as a barbell of your weight.

Chin-ups with additional weight, or on one hand safer than the deadlift.

Asymmetrical, better on one hand, push-ups, will not tear your chest muscles, as happens when you press a barbell from your chest.

A lot of exercises. Exercises with your own weight will overload your muscles like a barbell for hundreds of kilograms, without harmful effects on the spine.

Understand me correctly, I am not going to argue with dozens of books on bodybuilding, basically everything is written in them correctly. But are you really starting a bodybuilder career?


Without cardio load, visiting only the gym, you will unbalance your body and get health problems rather than improving it.

Just do not say “I do not like to run.” I also said so and could not run more than 10 minutes without stopping, at any pace. At that time I had a diagnosis of “hypertension” and I constantly suffered from one illness or another.

Now I have a pressure of 120 to 80 and I have not taken sick leave for 4 years. More importantly, I do not get tired, as before, at the end of the working day. I remain energetic and efficient.

Cardio should be such that you like to do it. Choose your own poison - dancing, aerobics, volleyball, tennis, skiing, biking, running ..

Preparing for events such as a marathon or a dance competition can be a good way to train yourself in regular activities and keep them interested.

If we are talking about cyclical sports like ski or bicycle, you can make a training plan for yourself with the help of a wonderful book Rob Sleamaker, Ray Browning Serious Training for Endurance Athletes 2nd

I talk about this in endurance training

How to lose 20 pounds in two weeks

Just not possible.

Well, if you do not eat at all in this two weeks, you will lose this 20 pounds. And you get sick.

Remember that it is unacceptable to lose weight faster than one pound a week. Otherwise this is a great stress for the body, you can get a common chronic disease that can never be cured until the end of your life.

Another reason why it makes no sense - pounds will not just return to you quickly, they will return with a surplus. The body, seeing that such nutritional problems are possible, will begin to actively store fat for the future.

After each such diet, you, on the contrary, gain weight. In a very masochistic way - torturing yourself with hunger in vain and at great risk for health.

To lose weight you need, sorry for the banality, change your lifestyle.

Until you learn to enjoy what you eat moderately, there will be no lasting effect. You can only lose weight by eating less all the time, and not on a short-term diet.

Yes, while you are on this coast, the temptation is great to say “this is no way to live for me, we live once, better to have fun now”.

Only when you are on the other side you can say “damn, how I could even like my old life, I now get more pleasure from a glass of wine than from two liters of beer with pizza then”.

While you are on this shore, you will continue to read in glossy zines, what products you eat to lose weight, or which workouts burn fat on the hips.

I know that you will not believe. But I say it anyway. Helps only constant, over the years, healthy eating. You also will like this life better than self-torturing by diets.

No exercise helps to burn fat. First, it is impossible to “burn fat” in a certain place. Secondly, no training can burn extra piece of cake. Just too many calories to burn.

Mike Boyle, a recognized expert in functional training, says that only one exercise helps to lose weight: table push-away. This coach specializes in strength training for professional athletes in team sports (hockey, soccer). His task is to protect them from injuries and improve their functional performance, not the volume of biceps, with the help of strength training, which is not targeted for these athletes. Be sure to look for the video, what exercises he recommends.

As for the common myth “I want to lose weight - I am going to run at mornings or visiting a jym”. One banana is 150 calories. Half an hour workout - 150 calories. A piece of cake - 500 calories. You lose weight at the dinner table, not in training.

I just do not have so much time for training

Five children, work 12 hours a day.

But a very decent amount of training at 7 hours a week is just an average of an hour a day. Or even just half an hour on a weekday and two hours a weekend.

Don’t you even have half an hour a day?

Well, honestly?

Then of course you are a prisoner and it no use to even think about health. You just straggling for your life.

You can have agrement with your employer to extend the dinner to have some training. You can gets up early. You can go to bed later. You can use commute as a workout on a bicycle.

Or just part of the commute to go on foot. That way you will not prepare for the marathon of cause, but this is very good for your health and you save a lot on hospital biils.