Heart rate sensors comparison Garmin vs Scosche vs CooSpo

Heart rate sensors comparison Garmin vs CooSpo

CooSpo - Chinese $22, but from honorable in China company. Full name on aliexpress CooSpo H6 ANT Bluetooth V4.0.

On manufaturer site HRM Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+ dual mode heart rate sensor

IP67 Dustproof, waterproof, sweatproof
Belt 65 ~ 95cm, Breathable green fabric material
Heart rate range 30 ~ 240bpm
Battery capacity 300 hours

Garmin - old model, ANT+ without Bluetooth, HRM3-SS. Used it on soft chest strap from Polar.

CooSpo was on his chest strap (cheaper than Polar’s).

Below is HIIT session chart - both sensors show the same heart rate.

But at the start warp up Garmin showed 150bpm - in fact I do not think this is true, warm up was on very low pace. 130bpm from CooSpo looks more probable.

So CooSpo may be even better that Garmin!

Heart rate sensors comparison Garmin vs Scosche

The same kind of HIIT session where I am trying to speed up to 150bpm and rest on 125 bpm.

But here we see something strange. Now this is Garmin who show more accurate low bpm at warp up.

Below is the last at this season cross cuntry ski training (April 15). Here are a lot of hills so a lot of heart rate changes.

And as this is is the last in season training I did not keep heart rate below 150. So 160bpm from Garmin looks more accurate.

And Scosche shows the same strange peek at warm up that looks like an error. And do not show peek at the end where in fact I sped up so heart rate should be higher.

Heart rate sensors comparison Garmin vs Scosche vs CooSpo

For the science I am running like Egyptian mummy - with three heart rate sensors simultaniously.

At the first chart CooSpo and Garmin are the same (in the middle I lost Garmin chest belt so the zero heart rate from Garmin on the chart).

At the second chart HIIT that has very simple heart rate profile (just 5 intervals with stable heart rate and stable heart rate at rest intervals). Even in this simple situation we see errors from optical scosche sensor.

So I think that you should not trust optical heart rate sensor. Use old good chest belt.

Be fit and healthy!

All graph was created with hrcomparison