Free Gantt chart template (like MS Project) for Google sheets or Excel

Project scheduling without MS Project

If you need just a simple Gantt chart but do not want to buy MS Project why do use just Gogle Sheets or MS Excel?

All you need just a very simple free template.

There are no complex formulas and VBA scripts.

How to setup the Gantt chart for you project

Copy the template from the link above to your Google Drive.

Set your start date in cell H1.

Fill your resources in the table G11:G15.

Fill you holidays in table C11:C15.

That’s all!

How use this free Gantt chart template for Google Sheets(Excel) in your project

Enter ID and name of you task in columns A and B.

Select Resource from drop-down list in column G.

Enter number of days for the task in column D.

List all predecessor tasks in column C (separate by ,).

For the task without predecessors will be used the project start date you entered to cell H1.

For all other tasks the sheet will calculate start date as max of all predecessors’ last dates.

Last dates are calculated using task length in column D taking into account weekends and holidays you already entered in table C11:C15.

How to add line to Gantt chart

On 8th row select from right-click menu Insert row (Insert 1 above).

Copy formulas from columns E - H (select appropriate cell on row above and drag blue square at right bottom corner).

How to add more resources

Add line in table G11:G15 and create custom formatting rule for it (select cell H3 and choose in menu Format -> Conditional formatting).