review - A Joke on the Book Market

🚨 - angry consumer review 🚨

📚 Imagine diving into a book, only to hit a brick wall one-third of the way through.

No ending, just an abrupt stop. That was my intro to Bookmate’s world. When I reached out for help, all I got was a ‘We’ll check with the publisher’ and then… silence.

🔍 Next challenge: navigating the maze.

Trying to find the book I was reading felt like being lost in a library with no map. And searching for a new read? A wild goose chase thanks to the author name spelling lottery. Found a book you like? Good luck finding others by the same author - you’ll need to decode the spelling variations first.

💔 The deal-breaker?

I canceled auto-renewal, not the subscription, hoping to avoid future disappointment. Yet, my account’s now a ghost town of ‘buy subscription’ banners, with access only to teasers. My year-long subscription vanished into thin air after just two months.

💸 In short:

I paid for a year, got two months of frustration, and was left with nothing but regrets. A cautionary tale for anyone considering Bookmate.

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