Electronic load to test and revive rechargable batteries

Item name on aliexpress.com 9.99A 60W 30V Constant Current Electronic Load Discharge Battery Capacity Tester. Cost is around $15.

For additional $7 you can buy acrylic case, if you need it for some strange reasons.

The devices can dischage batteries with any current you want. So you need it to revive rechargable batteries if your charging device cannot discharge them by itself.

So no more assorted light bulbs to select from for the current you want at the moment.

I do not know about real max current for this device but on 1A it’s cool (the fan is not switched off so I think there in fact is no fan control).

The only negative side - there is no good manual. All sellers copy the same very lame text that I cannot understand at all.

Below follows my version that is better - for me at least.

Instruction manual for Constant Current Electronic Load 9.99A 60W 30V

  1. Round socket - work power supply, attach to any 12V source (at least 0.3A).

  2. Green socket with screws - to battery.

  3. Red micro button - Start/Stop.

  4. Rotating hadle also is a button.

  5. Two green LEDs between digital areas - selected part of the number you are changing (before or after digital point). To switch between them - press rotating handle. To change the selected number part - rotate the handle.

  6. To enter to setting - power up with Start/Stop pressed (and keep it pressed until you see settings). To select a setting value - rotate handle, to go to next setting - press Start/Stop.
    • First setting - mode: Fun1 electronic load, Fun2 battery discharge (you can select min voltage to stop discharging).
    • Second setting - buzzer on/off (bEon/bEoF)
  7. If you are not in settings, you can select discharge current, and, for Fun2 - voltage to stop discharging.

  8. While charging, top digits switched continously between curren voltage, Ah, Wh.

  9. Bottom digits - current.

  10. If the device had switched off at min voltage you can see last values when you switch it on again.

  11. Start/Stop discharging - press Start/stop button.

  12. Current and min voltage you can change during discharging.

  13. They said that to clear values you have to press Start/Stop twice, but in my case I have to enter and exit settings for that.

  14. Error codes
    • Err1 - too high battery voltage
    • Err2 - too low battery voltage (or no battery connected or connected in wrong polarity)
    • Err3 - battery resistance too high (cannot keep the current)
    • Err4 - circuit failure (what’s that?)
    • Err6 - work voltage power supply is not enough (need at least 0.5A)
    • otP - overheating protection
    • Ert - temperature sensor error (or temperature is too low)
    • ouP - ultra-high voltage electronic load mode (what’s that?)
    • oPP - under ultra-high power electronic load mode instantly (what’s that?)